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For entrants 18 years and over: By completing an entry to a race/challenge, I certify I have read and accept the terms and conditions for participation in this event.

For entrants under 18 years:  By completing an entry to a race/challenge, I certify I am the parent/guardian of this entrant who is under 18 years, and I give my consent for them to participate in this event.  I accept the terms and conditions for participation in this event on behalf of the entrant and declare them as capable of completing the distance they have nominated.

For dog owners and handlers: By completing an entry to a race/challenge, I certify that I have read and accept the terms and conditions for the participation of my dog in this event and believe them to be suitably fit and healthy and able to safely manage the challenges chosen, adhering to the Kennel Club exercise guidelines recommended per breed. If unsure, I will have consult my vet for further advice. 


  1. All entrants must be over 18 years old 

  2. If the entrant is under 18, consent must be given by a parent or guardian and upon completion of the entry, they are declaring that the minor is fit enough to complete the chosen challenge/race. 

  3. You declare that your dog(s) are at least 1 year old - 18 months old, depending on the breed recommended guidelines and your vets advise, before your dog(s) can partake in any of the challenges/races. If under this age bracket, your dog hasn't finished developing yet so it can have a negative impact on your dogs joints causing longterm medical issues.

  4. Entering and participating in any Paw Runner race/challenge is at your own risk and may involve a risk of injury or even death to you or your dog(s).

  5. As you enter yourself and your dog(s) into a challenge/race you accept that the participation of you and your dog(s) is at your own risk and The Paw Runner or any if its employees, volunteers, partners and partnering charities, are not liable for any injuries incurred by you or your dog(s) participation in a race/challenge organised by The paw Runner. 

  6. You as an entrant, declare that both you and your dog(s) are physically fit and capable of participating in your chosen challenge/race event and completing the distance that you have selected. You are therefore not aware of any medical condition or impairment that will prevent you or your dog from participating in this event or will affect your health by taking part.

  7. You acknowledge you will take part and complete your chosen distance in a manner safely chosen by you, to meet the physical ability of you and your dog(s), at locations chosen by you and at your own risk.

  8. You acknowledge that if you are unsure that your dog is fit enough to take part in any chosen challenge/race, it is recommended that you seek further advice from your local veterinary centre before taking part. You do not have to participate in any of the challenges with your dog if they are unwell or you prefer to do it on your own.

  9. As a confirmed race/challenge entrant, you acknowledge that the entry fee is for the space in the race/challenge and not to ‘purchase’ the race medal and dog reward. The medal and dog treat is a reward for all entrants completing in the allocated time frame set by Paw Runner.

  10. For an entry to be valid, entrants must complete the entry form, and pay the required entry fee prior to the commencement of the event

  11. All sales are final and only valid for the chosen race/ challenge entered. Entry fees are non-refundable, and cannot be deferred towards a future race, nor can an entry be transferred from one race to another. You do not have a right to change your mind once the race entry fee is charged in return for our entering you into the race. Your entry is completed and confirmed as soon as you have completed the purchase. 

  12. You acknowledge that the entry fee for any challenge/race is non-refundable and can not be withdraw or transfer for a non-medical reason.

  13. You as an entrant, acknowledge that you will only receive a medal if you have entered the challenge/race by the closing date provided and that you complete the challenge by the cut off date listed on the paw runners website. Medals are mailed to the address provided on registration.

  14. Evidence can only be submitted during the dates stated for your chosen challenge/race. Evidence submissions won't be accepted before the challenge/race starts or after the submission deadline.

  15. You acknowledge that this is a virtual run and that the organisers will not track or verify results or provide volunteers, marshals or medical personnel assistance to any entrant.

  16. You consent to royalty-free use of your name, result, image, photographs, video and comments in any publications and marketing in relation to your selected race/challenge by Paw Runner.

  17. You acknowledge that by entering into a race/challenge and providing your details and an email address through PayPal you will be added to our mailing list. You consent to receiving information about Paw Runner and any special offers, news and promotions. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link in the email

  18. By entering a race/challenge, you consent to your personal information being used by Paw Runner for media publication and announcement of results. Read our Privacy policy for further information.

  19. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you accept that Paw Runner is not liable for any claims connected with your participation. You indemnify the event organiser, sponsors, volunteers, charities and employees involved in this event directly or indirectly against all liability for any and all injury, loss or damage connected with the entrant’s participation. Please read our disclaimer for further information.

Payment Methods
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