Welcome to our mission

My name is Lucie and I am the founder of Paw Runner. I wanted to share with you the important backstory of why Paw Runner was formed.

Paw Runner is born out of a passion for running, an even bigger love for dogs and a compassion for the wellbeing of dogs and humans alike.

With  obesity, certain health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental health issues on the rise in both humans and dogs, the Paw Runner is about creating  a movement to prevent  this from happening and encouraging people to change their lifestyle habits for the better, one paw at a time.

Running was first introduced to me as a way to lose weight, but also accidentally became an escapism from the demands of a stressful business. It empowered me with a positive and strong mindset to help effectively deal with any difficult challenges met along the way.

My best fur buddies, Barney and Poppy and I, would put our best paws forward and run around the local woods. Not only was a positive change seen within myself both physically and mentally, but also my dogs.

Their coats shone, and they were happier, fitter and more stimulated than ever before.

It was a win, win for a better lifestyle and mindset all round.

Now a qualified Running Leader as part of English Athletics, I am making it my mission that human and dogs are given the best opportunities to lead a happy, fulfilled and healthier lifestyle.

The  Kennel Club  recommends that the average adult dog should have at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to stay fit and healthy. Shockingly, research conducted by PDSA shows that this is not the case in the UK as 1.3 million dogs aren't getting walked on a daily basis.

This has a detrimental effect on the dogs causing depression, anxiety, weight gain and an increase in  illness related  conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and liver disease, to name a few. 

It is well documented that there are strong links between regular physical activity, and positive mental health as it keeps you stimulated, alert, reduces stress levels and equips you to positively deal with any demanding situation.

So increasing your daily and weekly exercise habits, whether it be walking or running can make a real difference to both you and your dog’s life. Leading to a healthier, happier, longer and more fulfilled lifestyle.

Due to the loneliness that the pandemic has caused many people, they have reached out to get a faithful four-legged friend for companionship. Data from Propellernet, a digital marketing agency, has reported that google searches have increased by 120% for ‘buy a puppy’ and there has been an influx in applications at dog rescue centres for people wanting to adopt a dog.

In the current covid-19 climate, The Paw Runner is also about creating a community so you don’t feel isolated and know you are not in this alone. The Paw Runner Pack is about meeting new friends virtually and creating positivity, offering advice and tips and motivating each other to smash your fitness goals. It’s a safe place where no one is judged.

Paw Runner offers a selection of monthly virtual walking and running challenges  as a fun way to encourage you and your dog to venture out, get fit, healthier, and happier together, while strengthening your bond.

Whether you are a total beginner or a fitness super star, Paw Runner have created a selection of monthly challenges from 3 miles to 200 miles for you and your pooch to choose and conquer in your own time, whenever you like, wherever you like, working your way up from Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenges to reach your ultimate fitness goal. When you smash your chosen distance in the given time frame you will receive a unique medal and a doggy reward. 

What’s more you and your dog can enter a challenge to help raise money for a charity of your choice.

Not only do we, at Paw Runner, want to help humans and dogs improve their lifestyle, we want to try help charities, support local businesses, create awareness of serious issues effecting the dog community and do our bit to help the planet.

We have spent a lot of time carefully sourcing the right medals and doggy rewards for a unique and quality offering that is in line with our beliefs. We work with an independent family run business, who make our zero waste medals out of FSC certified wood.

All our dog bandanas are made by hand by a small local independent business in Lincolnshire, ‘Delchris Designs’.

Since our first challenges launched back in June last year, we have helped encourage humans and their doggies to walk and run over 19278.7 miles, which is the equivalent of walking from the UK to Venuatu (in between Australia and Fiji) and 5000 miles just shy or walking the whole way around the world!!

It’s a fantastic start and a great achievement, but there is still a long way to go!

We are all in this together for the greater good.

If you want to get involved and take that first step (or paw) to a healthier lifestyle visit https://www.thepawrunner.com/april-challenge to enter one of our April virtual monthly challenges.

Be part of this very exciting mission by joining the Paw Runner movement and turn your challenges into changes, one paw at a time!

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