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welcome to our Community

The Paw Runner community is a place to get social, meet new friends, and inspire each other to stay motivated, get fitness tips and smash your fitness goals 

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Join the official Strava Paw Runner Club to track your activity and progress over the month.


It's a great tool to keep you on track and meet your goals. 


There is a leaderboard so it is perfect for the competitive side of you to spur you on! 

Get Social!

Join the Paw Runner Pack Facebook group and meet other fellow competitors where you can chat about techniques, get advice, motivate each other and meet new friends both humans and paws! It's a safe place to ask questions and never get judged.


We will be there posting useful tips and cheering you on.


You are not doing this alone!

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"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about"
Margaret j. Wheatley


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