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Under the Sea


There is nothing better than a life on the ocean waves and the UK's lakes, rivers and waterways, feeling the freedom in your hair from the light breeze and taking in the stunning sights, smells and nature.

In a world that can be pretty crazy, it's the perfect way to escape, switch off and have many a memorable adventure.

A happy life is one with your dog in it. At Paw Runner we want to encourage you to take your doggies on all your adventures as it is fantastic for both physical and mental wellbeing.

1 in 10 dogs suffer from mental health issues which is triggered by loneliness, lack of human company and very little stimulation that can cause them to be depressed and disruptive.

'The Paw Paddler' offers a selection of virtual challenges out on the water as a fun way for you and your doggies to get out and explore together. It encourages you both to get out, LIVE LIFE and make the most of every precious moment together.

We offer Kayak challenges, Stand Up Paddleboarding challenges and Sailing challenges that can be completed on any boat.

Don't wait for your ship to come in, go out there and swim to it (with your pawsome buddy by your side!)

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Canoe Trip with a Dog
Dog Swimming


As you know, looking after the planet is one of our missions very close to our hearts, to ensure we have a wonderful planet for every human, animal, creature and plant to enjoy for billions of years to come!


For every Paddler challenge you enter, we will donate 10% of your entry fee to 'Surfers against Sewage' to help them raise awareness of the vital work that they are doing to ensure our oceans are clean and pollution free. 


To find out more about their amazing work, and to see which projects you are helping to support click here 

For every challenge entered we also plant a tree. So not only are you helping to clean up the oceans, you are providing new homes for wildlife, jobs for local tribes and fresh oxygen.

You guys truly are PAWSOME!

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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has really taken off during lockdown and it is now the fastest growing sport in the world!

It's a great way to get out on the open water, hang out with your paws and either relax or give yourself a great work out as it is a great workout for your core and your arms.


Kayaking is a fantastic way to enjoy the countryside and ocean with your doggies as you can sit back and relax, enjoy a picnic in the middle of the lake or your can have a great workout as you speed along the waterways.

You can get decent, robust inflatable kayaks which means you don't need a big van or a roof rack to transport it about. Kayaks are a comfortable way for you and your pooch to explore the water for hours at a time.


If you are a Sailor, these are the challenges for you. Whether it be a few hours on the water or a months expedition at sea, sailing is quite an adventure to be had for all the family. You get to explore further and share the ocean with some magnificent creatures.

Under the Sea
Under the Sea


step 1. enter a challenge

step 2. Download a tracking app

step 3. 
Take your challenge

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step 4. 
your evidence

step 5. 
receive your GOODIES

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how long does it take to complete a challenge?

Each new challenge begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of each month. If you finish earlier, that's amazing work! Just email us your evidence once complete, to claim your well deserved finisher goodies

where can I do the challenge?

The beauty of this challenge is that you can do it in your own time, at your own pace, absolutely anywhere! At home, visiting a friend, on holiday, on a river, canal, reservoir or out at sea the beach.

CAN I enter with more than 1 dog?

Of course! The more the merrier! When you have chosen your challenge there is a dropdown box for you to add as many dogs as you like. Each dog entered will receive a handmade bandana. Each month every design is bespoke to Paw Runner.


That's not a problem,  you can collect evidence by using a fitness tracker app on your phone, any tracker watch, join our Starva club or you can use a good old fashioned pen and paper to record your daily miles. We also provide a tracking sheet that you can download and record you're miles. Just send us a picture of a summary of your months activity to claim your finishers goodies.

CAN I COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE MIXING different paddle sports?

Yes that's absolutely fine. The main aim of the challenge is to encourage you to get out and active with your pooch. There are some days we will more energetic than others! As long as you complete your chosen distance, we are happy and you should be very proud of yourselves!

Under the Sea
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