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Now more than ever it is so important we get out in the fresh air with our fur babies and stay active to help keep us positive and give us some structure to our day. 

Paw Runner offers a selection of virtual walking and running challenges as a fun way for you and your doggies to get out and explore.

Get fit, healthier and happier together, while strengthening your bond.

There is a great selection of challenges suitable for all fitness levels from beginners and intermediates to advanced. You can work your way up from Bronze to Silver to Gold to reach your ultimate fitness goals.

When you smash your goal in the given time frame you will receive a unique Paw Runner medal and a doggy bandana. 

All our medals are bespoke to the Paw Runner and made out of wood from sustainable sources by an independent UK company.​

Make your challenge extra special by choosing to run or walk on behalf of a charity of your choice.

100% of your donation will go straight to your chosen charity.

Join our movement to change your lifestyle for the better, and help charities, one paw at a time.


Day one or one day?

Start your challenge today

Kick start your New Years Resolution together, one paw at a time.

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step 1. enter a challenge

We have a great selection of walking and running challenges for all levels of fitness and dog breeds. Work your way up from our bronze packages to our gold packages in your own time, at your own pace, anytime, any place.  

Click here to find out how much daily exercise the Kennel Club recommends your breed of dog to have, so you can choose the right challenge knowing that your pooch can physically and safely reach the same goal.

step 2. Download a tracking app

Join our official Strava Paw Runner Club  community and download the app on your phone so you can track every exercise you do. It keeps everything in one place and is a great way to meet other people (and dogs) in our pack, offering encouragement and motivational tips.

You can also use fitness trackers such as Fitbit, garmin or Apple Watch as well as other fitness apps to include 'Map My Run' and 'Fitness Pal' 

Don't worry if you don't have a phone or fitness tracker, simply keep a diary of each walk and run you do over the month.

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step 3. 

Take your challenge

Our challenges run from the 1st of each calendar month to the end of each month. Once you’ve entered, you’ll have the whole month to work towards your distance goal in however many runs or walks you like, in your own time, pace and what fits around your lifestyle. If you smash your challenge within the given timeframe, you will receive a unique medal and your faithful doggy companion will receive a doggy treat as a reward for all your hard work, dedication and determination together.

step 4. 


your evidence

At the end of the month you will have 14 days to submit your evidence to us as proof of your amazing achievement.


If you are part of our Strava Paw Runner Club, all you have to do us email us the link to your page and we will then verify your activity. If you are using a fitness tracker just send us a screenshot of your monthly report.

For those of you with a tracking diary, just email us your excel spreadsheet of your activity over the month.

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step 5. 

receive your medal

Woo Hoo you've done it!!!!!! What an amazing achievement for you and your paws. Once we have verified your evidence, we will send out your unique medal in the post with your distance on it, and your dogs reward. For every challenge that you partake in, you will receive a unique medal to add to your collection. So why stop there...!! 

You've totally got this!!!

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We've got it covered!

We have teamed up with some fantastic sustainable businesses who share the same values as Paw Runner.  We are all on the same mission to help you and your dogs to get active for a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

Once you sign up to one of our challenges you will receive special codes so you can get some great discounts on all your attire so you are ready to get active in style. 



K9 Trail Time is your one-stop shop for all your equipment needs for getting active with your dogs.

K9 Trail Time is the most trusted and experienced canine sport retailer in the UK and overseas, offering holisitic advice and consultations on active dog equipment based on years of selecting and fitting kit for people who want to purchase the best brands, tailored for their own dogs' individual needs. 

They have over 10 years Canicross experience competition all over the country. So they have been their and definitely got the t-shirt!

5% off 

for all Paw Runners

PitPat_Company_Made for dogs_Colour.jpg

Track your dogs activity with the UK's no1 fitness monitor for dogs. 

PitPat monitors your dog's activity every day to allow you to easily manage their health, fitness & weight.

Designed with vets and made in the UK.

Track distance, exercise & rest.

Manage weight & calories.

Get £5 off


Made by athletes for athletes, Sundried offer quality, eco-friendly, affordable sports apparel. Intelligently designed to optimise your training, enhance your performance, and stay comfortable mile after mile, their apparel will support you whether you’re running your first ever 5k or training for an Ironman triathlon. 

Sundried activewear features the most advanced technology on the planet, including anti-odour, UV protection, and temperature control, all created ethically and sustainably.

Their EcoTech® collection is made from 100% recycled materials.

30% off 

for all Paw Runners

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